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Are your photos real?

Absolutely YES!
Aside from the usual photo editing techniques my photos are still 100% me.


Are your boobs real?

Yes. 100% natural 18F | 40F.

Do you make custom content?

Yes. Absolutely!!!
Always happy to discuss your requests for custom shows, photos and video content.
You'll also find exclusive never before seen photos and  videos on my OnlyFans.

Do you take take drugs?

Definitely a hard NO from me!

I am proudly Drug FREE, Smoke FREE & Alcohol FREE.

Are you single?

NO, I am not. And I'm very open about that.

​Yes, my husband is very supportive and knows all about my work.
You'll see him making couples content in our live cam shows and on my OnlyFans account.


Are you discreet?

Absolutely YES!
Confidentiality and discretion is assured.
Your business is your business, as with mine I expect you to do the same and respect my privacy also.

Do you work with couples?

I'm very happy to play with both men and women and also welcome anyone identifying LGBTQI+ with open arms.

What DON'T you offer?
Anal Play on me and Kissing my mouth are a NO go.

Also anything involving vomit, scat or blood.
No natural sex - safety always! If you even ask for natural you will be blocked.


When is your Birthday?

That would be on the 9th October

Do you accept gifts?

Firstly....Gifts are NEVER expected but they are immensely appreciated and put you in my "Good Book"
Secondly....You being a pleasant client is genuinely a pretty good gift.

BUT, If you insist....... Here are a couple of ideas:​
Store Gift Vouchers -  Bras N Things, City Chic, Adultshop, Coles/Myer etc. 
Hair and Beauty Salon Gift Vouchers - Anywhere in Bunbury/Australind/Eaton

Money - Cash, Bank Transfer or Beemit: callmemissrain

Plants - I looooove plants!!! Succulents and Indoor Plants.
Crystals - Absolutely love crystals and gems.
Designer - Gucci & Louis Vuitton


Do you offer refunds?
o refunds will be provided under any of the below circumstances. 
If you present with signs of an STI, the booking will not continue.
If you are underage the booking will not continue. You may be asked for ID to prove 18+.
If you arrive under the influence of illicit drugs or are heavily intoxicated the booking will not continue.

If you arrive to the booking and simply change your mind, you are still required to pay minimum of half session cost. 
If you pre-pay a session and simply change your mind, you are still required to pay minimum of half session cost.

How should I go about booking you?

My preferred method of booking is text message. I do NOT answer calls.
When booking, please supply details of what service/session length you desire, when you are hoping to book for.

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